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Accounts Payable Automation

Don’t waste your Accounts team’s precious time on processing invoices manually

Time consuming & inefficient

Manual AP Processes need a lot of time to sift through emails, extract relevant information and then send for processing.

Delayed or wrong payment

Manually processing invoices are error prone and can lead to delayed or wrong payment attracting penalties and affecting vendor relations

Knowledge Transfer costs

AP process teams suffer from high attrition and it is expensive to train new employees on the manual process.

An inbox for all your invoices

Our solution fetches invoices from multiple sources & uses state of the art Machine Learning algorithms to extract the data

High Accuracy in Extraction

Allspark uses state of the art Machine Learning algorithms to achieve high accuracy. It automatically scales for new vendors and changing formats with ability to handle multiple languages

Splitting & Recognization

No need to feed individual invoices into Scanners. Our algorithms can split multi page pdf into individual documents and recognize them as Invoices, Debit Notes, Credit Notes & Account Statements

Upstream & Downstream Integration

AllSpark can be integrated with Emails, Scanners & top ERPs for end to end automation

Get these benefits by using Allspark

Reduction in TAT
Increased Efficiency
Savings in Cost

Are you looking to achieve 65% cost reduction in AP process?

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We have partnered with Kodak Alaris' smart scanner technology to process invoices from scanner to ERP. Download our whitepaper now!

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